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  • Minecraft – a popular game on android, which spread not only among PC users and laptops, but also among gamers of mobile OS. Here you can feel like the protagonist of the whole world, which you yourself can build as soon as you like. Despite the fact that the whole universe consists of geometric figures, you will be able to fully enjoy the amazing landscapes, fully plunge into the atmosphere of interesting adventures.

    In the beginning, you are given the opportunity to choose one of the modes. This is either “survival” or “creative”. The difference between them is significant. Let’s look at each individually.

    If you choose the survival mode, then Minecraft provides you with a storyline in which your hero should at all costs try to save his life, defending himself against mobs creeping out at night. Win this battle with the darkness and survive it is possible only thanks to reliable shelter. It can be found even in a usual deep pit. After your hero lives with a roof over his head, start learning and making weapons. Thanks to him you can show who is the master here.

    By choosing a “creative” mode, your main character can exist “floating down the river”. Here you can slowly enjoy all the delights of nature, choose the corner you like and start a quiet life. Include fantasy! Build a house, which you want, plant the most exotic trees. All in your hands.

    Perhaps the key and most interesting in this game is that your hero can create or find all the means necessary for him to live. Sometimes it is not so easy as it seems at first glance, however, it is quite fascinating.

    Of course, speaking of such a hit as Minecraft, all fans of games breaths. And not in vain, because all the gameplay is built in such a way that anyone can play without feeling any inconvenience. The application allows you to live a virtual life as real. However, to experience everything on yourself, you just need to download the game and start an exciting quest.


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